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Value added services
Service type Price Explanation
convenient pack 0.00USD / 件 Please check if needed;
Waterproof packaging 8.00USD / 件
Bubble wrap 6.00USD / 件
Carton 8.00USD / 件 Big box negotiable fee
Wooden packaging 770.00USD / 件 Large price negotiable
Extra thick cotton 70.00USD / 件 Extra thick cotton
Packing fee 115.00USD / 件 非纸质包装,外包装包装的包装,任何用金属、塑料或扎带捆扎的包装,或有轮子,脚轮,把手或带子的包装(包括外表面区域包装松散或内容物突出包装表面的包装),任何圆柱形包装
BeiKe 5.00USD / 次 贝壳包装
Freight calculator
Note: the above quotation is for reference only, and the actual charge is calculated based on the actual weight or the volume weight of light bubble after packing